My Body, My Right!

I have Bipolar and along with that I often want to kill myself. A deep desire and honest belief that the world would be better without me, when in this state I believe what is best for me would be me dead. Throughout my life I’ve met many others with the same suicidal idolation. I’ve listen to the pro-life woman shout with vigor “My body, My Business” or “My body, my right” and I thought that is so true. This is a great concept and next time I take a bottle of pills o try in cut my wrist, no one has the right to lock me up for my own safety. My body, my right.

If living is an inconvenience for me, why can’t I just kill ourselves whenever the mood strikes. Depressed, schizophrenic, and bipolar people are a serious drain on the system. They cost the tax payer money, often wind up on welfare, and they are often unhappy, causing personal strain to those around them. Isn’t the concept of suicide a personal choice?

It’s my body and I can do what I want? Who is the government to say it’s illegal, the doctors to say it’s a disease. Why was I hand cuffed and taken to the hospital when I tried. My body, my choice.

A person who wants to die has real issues, they may have been raped, abused, seen awful things, have debilitating health issues, and just don’t want to live with it anymore. Is it really the business of thier friends or family to put safety procedures in place so they don’t kill themselves? It’s thier body, no one has a right to control it but them. It’s not like they want to kill another person, just themselves. The government shouldn’t have any say over my life, suicide is a personal decision that should be up to me to decide, no one else.

If your still reading I’m surprised. My statement aren’t only ludicrous they are appalling! Of course a suicidal person needs help! If you know someone is contemplating suicide get the person help, don’t let them throw away thier lives. They might not see it now but suicide is just wrong, it’s the end. We don’t know what the future holds and the only wasted life is one that doesn’t get to finish. People who’ve survived mental illness, have achieved many great things. I have so many friends I met in the hospital, getting help from suicidal idolization that are lighting the world on fire now, doing amazing things. If suicide was accepted, the world would be missing amazing people.

The real question is why does this argument work for abortion? That is a life growing inside you. An innocent life no matter how it got there. A life with the chance to change the world. It’s not even your own life that’s in debate but an innocent unborn baby. Don’t tell me it’s not alive. It is and has a future.

Of course, giving birth to a baby you don’t want will suck to give but it shouldn’t be up to a scared woman with hormones out of control to make up their minds to kill another individual. You wouldn’t leave a life and death decision up to a suicidal person. Oh, it’s not that I don’t understand how hard it will be. I was not officially divorced from an extremely abusive man, I was broken and childlike and got knocked up by a crackhead who date raped me. I was not in a great emotional state, financial I had nothing and I did not want to be attached to a rebound the rest of my life. The pregnancy almost killed at least three times. I understand there a million reasons why not to be pregnant. Only one to keep it. A baby is a human life, with a soul and an unknown future.

I was pregnant, I knew a baby was growing inside me. My body was an incubator not my body alone. To kill the life inside would have been murder, same as killing the 15yr old that is rude, rolls his eyes and says the meanest things. That baby is a life, it can be born and grow up and effect people’s lives.

I’ve never talked to a person who didn’t go through with suicide and heard they regretted that decision; and I’ve yet to meet a woman who had an abortion that didn’t regret it.

This is not a commentary on a person who has had an abortion. That is in the past and your personal journey. I believe God forgives completely we should never be judge for our past. I’m commenting on those who chant about abortion, who want to make killing innocent lives a right. My body, my life. I’m trying to highlight the hypocrisy of saying prevention of suicide but encouraging abortion. A pregnant woman should be treated with love and compassion and cared for by the community.

This is an issue that the church needs to work on. Showing compassion for the sinner. It is possible to show love and compassion without saying it is ok to continue sinning. While pregnant, I went to live in a Baptist run home for unwed mother’s. We had to fill out a book about the sin we committed, how we disgraced God, and how the results of our sin would effect so many lives. I grew hot with anger and repeatedly said “My unborn child is a new life, a soul God created. He is not a mistake or a sin.”. I was happy to admit that I should not have slept with my son’s father, I admit it is a sin to have sex outside of marriage but I was appalled at the implications that God would let a life come into this world by mistake. Because of his broken family my son has extra hurdles to jump but a pregnancy is never a mistake.

“For You formed my innermost parts; You knit me [together] in my mother’s womb.”

PSALM 139:13 AMP

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