Dear World

Dear World,

I'm not interested in arguing philosophy with you or changing your mind.   It would be a waste of time to try.

But world, I don't agree with you about sex. I don't believe mean less sex is ok. I don't believe marriage is disposable.

I believe God made woman for man, so he could have an equal but different partner in this world. I believe without woman, man was incomplete… lonely, in need of a partner or counterpart. So God made woman to mate with for life.

I do believe God meant for us to commit to one person. I believe (through God, faith with both people working hard), two people, can make create a lifetime of happiness together.  

Yes, throughout history people have had problems with marriage and fidelity. The Bible is littered with sexual impropriety, formication, and infidelity. Yes, it was David a man after God's own heart had many wives and an affair. Keep reading, this ultimately brought him to ruin, destroying Isreal and his kingdom. David's need to populate with many women, created many half siblings who raped and murdered eachother.  Yes, Abraham had sex outside marriage and the folly of that remains in the middle east conflict.

Oh world, I understand your convictions aren't my convictions. You believe sex is awesome and can be had with many without any consequences.  I am not asking you to change your mind. You haven't been convicted by God.

I am amazed at how blind you are to what promiscuity is doing to society. You seem to miss the distrust and our inability to settle down. Are you really blind to the control sex has on our society? How we are loosing our little girls to the alter of sex appeal? How boys grow up looking at women as morsels to feed there urges? Can you not see relationships are unreliable and aren't worth the effort, because a quick lay is effortless and easily replaceable… I often wonder how you miss these destructive factors on our society.

Can you not see, all the children being torn because of sex outside of marriage or marriage based on sex not love? So many children are raised in broken homes looking for the answers between someone's legs. Children lost and confused, always missing a parent, with temporary partners passing through.

It's not that you don't make great points. Sex feels good. Satisfying in the moment. I wouldn't want to go back to when wives were good girls with no rights. I want true love. Not what they show in the movies, deep real live that takes work and effort.  A feeling of connection might be instant, lust is instantly consuming. Love takes work, hard work from two people. Love is a choice two people have to make over and over again, to choose eachother and put in the ongoing work.

World you say love isn't worth the effort, divorce and move on to bigger and better. But I believe that bigger and better comes from two people working for each other despite hardships and change.

I agree, if only one person is working on a relationship, or marriage then it is not salvageable.  I agree that if both people in a marriage aren't committed to God ,and then each other, there is very little chance of the relationship working.  Without choice (and commitment to that choice), work (hard constant work), and God the chances of marriage are slim.

I believe through God anything is possible.

If our hearts are hard to God and His ways then God won't make love work.  If we do not love God and put Him first in relationships they will be unfruitful.  

If two people come together, commit to God and then each other and are willing to work together to make the relationship work it can.  Will there be rocky roads and rough patches, hell yes!  Will the two people hurt each other, without doub! Time after time, not on purpose but because we are human and fall short.  

The real question is, can a man be loyal to one woman or a woman to one man, and still be happy and satisfied? I believe through the commitment to God and our partners there will be unmatched, pure satisfaction.

This is how I believe.  I believe God means for us to share our lives with a partner.  I believe in His perfect timing I will find someone who wants to love me as a partner.  

Sincerely with

Humility Grace Mercy

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