Heart Soul & Mind

God says we are representations of Him, why is it so hard to understand the Trinity or Godhead? Three parts of one whole. Within us lies three parts of a whole. Our minds or our brains. Our heart or feelings. Our soul or essence of us.

The mind is very logical. Our brains factor everything based on rules and set of perimeters. The brain is the mathematician and scientist of the body. The brain acts as police officer and lawyer to what is right and wrong.

Our hearts, on the other hand, deal in feeling. Making decisions based on emotional vibrations and basic urge of our mood. The heart of a person would best be represented by an artist, therapist, and musicians. Our hearts take the role of defendant and persecution in our bodies.

Our souls take the conviction of our hearts and the facts of our minds and decide which parts need to be shown to the world. It’s a melding of heart and mind that create the true soul of an issue. This is nurses using science to help people or teachers helping us process all the facts and feeling together. In the legal system our souls would be judge and jury, listening to both sides of an argument, weighing the facts and emotions and then casting a decision to go on record with. Sometimes more heart, sometimes more mind but a perfect representation of heart and mind combined.

We are a perfect combination of heart, mind and soul. Each a vital part of who we are, each working together to make us one. If you’re mind stops functioning you become brain dead, if your heart stops functioning, you be come a psychopath with a severed conscious. Without the soul working to communicate between the two you become emotionally stunted, heartless, over emotional or mindless. Remove any of the three parts of us and we cease to exist successfully. They are three parts of a whole, completely separate but together make us each up individually.

God is the mind of the trinity, Jesus the heart and the Holy Spirit the soul.

God creates law, see things based on facts and measuring system. He is perfect, His scales are perfect, His justice is Devine. We are flawed and can’t live up to the calculations for perfection. This is where the heart of the Trinity is so important. Jesus feel’s we are all good, He feels love and acceptance without cause or merit. Jesus loves His creation and wants to spend eternity with us. The Holy Spirit of the Trinity takes the perfect mind of God and the perfect heart of Jesus and moves in the people, helping show them God’s love, Jesus’s sacrifice and the truth.

Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are the one person of the heavenly Father. Heart, mind and Soul to make a perfect, fair, loving, connected God.


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