Replace Fear with Prayer

The biggest weapon against Christianity. Fear. Fear is what keeps people who don’t know God from accepting Him into thier lives. Fear is what most often lead Christians to act un-christianlike to those outside the church.

Often Christians fear for the one person who isn’t living a Christian life.  They react to this fear with messages of fear and immediacy.  Approaching the unbelievers with the ‘repent now or else’, attitude which scares away them farther from Christ.  I’ve got news for you, you can’t change anyone else, no matter what you say.

Then there is the opposite fear: the fear that “my faith isn’t strong enough, to hold up against another sinner.” This fearcauses a condemnation of another and distance kept so not to be infected. This fear can also result in angry word or actions, driving person sinning from the faith or repenting.  Jesus said faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains, so have faith in God, let  Him use you to plant the seeds or maybe water someone else’s seeds.

There’s a fear that unless we 100% accept everything we will be seen as bigots or exclusionariest. So we accept things even God says no about. Jesus loved the sinner, He ate with the tax collector, He comforted the woman at the well and protected the adulteress. After each conversation of love, he condemned their sin. It’s not about accepting it’s about loving despite of the sin. Trust God to be honest, even when it’s unpopular.

We don’t need to fear. We have the creator of the universe on our side. We have the King of kings going to bat for us. Jesus told us Gid works all things for the glory of God.

So pray and trust God, with everything, especially with the sin of others. Be an example, be available, be kind, be consistent but always trust God with the final product.  Don’t be afraid, there is no reason for fear

I watched an amazing story of God last night. Caleb Kaltenback is now the pastor of Discovery Church, he wrote a book called Messy Grace.

His story isn’t awesome because of who he is; Caleb Kaltenback’s story is phenomenal because of what Jesus can do. This man’s journey screams about God’s grace, power and love.

Kaltenback was raised in the LGBT community. From as young as he can remember he was taken to rally’s and gay parades and he waved banners. He hated Christian’s because of thier reactions at the rallies.

When he was 16, he went to a Bible study. His plan was to corrupt from the inside. God had a different plan. God softened his heart and Caleb Kaltenback was not only saved but found his calling.

When he told his mother, her girlfriend, his father and his boyfriend, they rejected him. I love the way Caleb Kaltenback takes this painful memory and uses it for learning. He said, It was the same way the Christian’s act, both sides are reacting with fear.

If we trust God there is nothing to fear. I heard Daniel Messieh say of talking to Muslims “Asked to go to dinner at their house, what’s the worst that could happen? They kill me? A blessing! I know where I am going!” There is nothing Christians need fear.

Daniel Messieh is another awe-inspiring story of God. He was a devote Muslim, went to church to mock the Christians and became an unstoppable evangelist, speaking with love through his awesome book Traitor.

Fear is a dirty emotion, if we let fear take a hold on us, fear will cause a rotting of the soul and other’s souls. So put your faith in the immovable, unstoppable, always fair and forever faithful God.

There is a reason God says more than 360 times in the Bible not to fear. There is no reason to fear, fear just causes hurt, stress, anger, heartache, separation from God and stops us from moving forward.

This is not an impossible problem. The best way to stop fear is through pray. Learn God’s promises by reading the Bible. Approach every situation with love, love is honest but kind.

Sincerely with

Humility Grace Mercy

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