All are worthy of God’s love and forgiveness. If you ever want to read a book about a wonderful, touching Christian woman “Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom. If I could be half as loving, half as kind, half as forgiving as Corrie I’d be blessed. Corrie was a warrior for Christ and lost her freedom because of it, watched her father and sister die while in a concentration camp for helping Jews. By miracle alone she walked out of her concentration camp days before every other woman there was gassed to death. She spent the rest of her life preaching God’s amazing love and Grace. At one of her talks the man who turned her in to the germans was there, he said he had become a Christian and asked her forgiveness. Corrie Ten Boom forgave him, she said it was God, she couldn’t do it alone… I love her faith….. She is my hero, my role model. I hope someday to put God first like Corrie did. Yes God calls us to forgive all: Nazis, Hitler, serial killers, mass murders, yes even republicans. Corrie Ten Boom’s is an incredible, life changing testimonial…

Sincerely with

Humility Grace Mercy
Humility Grace Mercy

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